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2011 World Series: Could it get any better for Cards fans?

October 18, 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals celebrate at Miller Park in Milwaukee after clinching their NL record 18th pennant.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Don’t tell me you saw it coming. This historic run your Saint Louis Cardinals have been on for the past almost 2 months is truly as unbelievable as the Cubs ever winning a championship again. As I wrote in a post at the end of August, I had given up all hope for the Cardinals getting into the playoff bracket this year. I pronounced it was time to give Tyler Greene a shot. Rafael Furcal obviously wasn’t the option at shortstop. Were Albert’s good years behind him? Could the bullpen even beat a Triple A team? All of these things, however embarrassing now it is to admit, swirled through my head after the Cards got whalloped by the LA Dodgers in an inexplicable sweep. I wrote that the Cardinals would not make the playoffs, barring a “miracle”. 
But then something happened. That something being as close to a miracle finish as you might ever see in the world of sports. The Cardinals gained traction and slowly but surely got back into the race, not in the division but rather the wild card. 8 games back. 6 games back. 4 1/2 games back. 3 1/2 games back. Atlanta kept losing. The Cards kept winning. The Cards snuck in. As the huge underdog against Philly in the NLDS, we shocked the baseball world by taking them down in the 5th game, at their park against their #1A ace. Moving on to the NLCS, the Cards couldn’t get one start that lasted more than 5 innings, and yet TLR and the bullpen, with the help of a surging offense, advanced the Cardinals in 6 games.
So here we are. The 2011 World Series. Our hometown team is in the biggest spotlight baseball has to offer. Once again, the Cards are the underdog. But why shouldn’t they be? The Cards have been playing playoff intensity baseball for two months. They are defying odds every game they win. TLR kept the fire lit in his guys and even though there were struggles, this club never gave up. TLR has loosened up, or so it seems. The clubhouse culture looks great. We’ve got TortyCraig, Allen Craig’s tortoise, and the Rally Squirrel, to keep things loose. The players are having fun. The club has grabbed hold of the underdog label. There’s no pressure on them; they weren’t supposed to be here anyway. This relaxed attitude has been working well. The Cardinals have won 30 of their last 43 games, so what’s not to think they’ll keep it rolling against the Texas Rangers? Cardinal Nation will be watching closely to see if this team can conclude this magical run with a storybook ending.
Game Schedule:
G1 -10/19: 7:05 @ STL
G2 -10/20: 7:05 @ STL
G3 -10/22: 7:05 @ TEX
G4 -10/23: 7:05 @ TEX
G5* -10/24: 7:05 @ TEX
G6* -10/26: 7:05 @ STL
G7* -10/27: 7:05 @ STL


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