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John Mozeliak: The Real NLCS MVP

October 18, 2011

The trade doesn’t look so bad now. When the Cards pulled off this unexpected trade with the Toronto Blue Jays before the trading deadline, few knew what to think of it. The CF of the future and some struggling members of the ‘pen were shipped away for a rental starter, an aging outfielder, and two bullpen arms. Mozeliak proclaimed that the move was to “win now”. And although the new Cardinals didn’t get off to the best starts with the club, their value has been crucial. Without Ejax, Rzep, and Dotel, the Cards would not have even started this unbelievable pennant run. Add in Furcal and Rhodes picked up in seperate deals around the same time, and Mozeliak looks like a genius. Colby went off to Toronto and hit below the Mendoza line for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, TLR could now move McClellan to the bullpen, Ejax into the starting 5, and Rzep, Dotel, and Rhodes into the achilles heal of a bullpen we had at that point. Furcal took over immediately at short in place of Ryan Theriot and has made a huge impact, both offensively and defensively. And who would’ve thought that the main reason we advanced to the 2011 World Series was our bullpen? The bullpen pitched 4 1/3 more innings than the starters against Milwaukee. And they shut Prince and Co. down. Furcal has been a sparkplug at leadoff all postseason long. And although Edwin Jackson has struggled in the postseason, he proved to be a difference maker down the stretch going on a 5-2 streak. Props to Mozeliak, who says he didn’t even expect it to be this good. 4 more wins to get 11 in 11. Looking back at this ten years from now, how ironic would it be if this was one of the best trades ever made by this club?

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